Airport Information


TAF 16.11.2018

TAF EGTC 160806Z 1609/1618 09008KT 6000 BKN010 TEMPO 1609/1612 2000 BR DZ BKN005 TEMPO 1612/1618 9999 BKN015

METAR 16.11.2018

EGTC 160950Z 16005KT 3000 BR BKN014 11/11 Q1025

Airport Information

Runway Information

21 1799m 1799m 1799m 1594m
03 1672m 1799m 1672m 1672m

Nav Aids

  • ILS
  • NDB
  • GNSS
  • DME

Opening Hours


Cranfield’s new digital remote control tower will be the first operational digital tower of its kind in the UK, and the transfer from the existing Air Traffic Controls tower to the new Digital Remote Tower requires controllers and assistants to undergo transition training.

The airport operating hours for Monday to Friday will remain the same. However, to accommodate this training it will be necessary to close the airport at weekends from 20 October 2018, until the digital remote control tower is operational.

  • 24 hour Availability (Subject to prior notice and availability of ATC/RFFS. Fees will apply.)

    PPR required.

  • Monday to Friday - 08:00 to 18:30 local time. There will, on occasion, be restrictions to our opening hours and these restrictions will be notified by NOTAM. 

  • Saturday, Sunday, Public Holiday - 09:00 to 18:00 local time. Closed on weekends from 20 October 2018.

Please check again for updates or contact us on telephone: + 44 (0) 1234 758150 or email :

General Information

  • Fire Category - RFF Category 2, with up to RFF Category 6 on request.
  • Fuel - Jet A1 and Avgas.
  • Handling Services - full range available if required.
  • Winter operation capability.
  • Car parking - free and secure.
  • Frequencies : Departure ATIS 121.880 / Approach 122.855 / Tower 134.930
  • ICAO Code : EGTC