Airside Driving Courses

Airside Driving

All personnel required to drive airside at Cranfield Airport must attend and complete an Airside Driving Course.

ADP Classifications :

  • Type E - Escort Only.
  • Type A - Aprons.
  • Type M - Aprons and manoeuvring areas excluding runways.
  • Type R - Runway including manoeuvring areas and aprons.

Course Content :

  • Airfield topography.
  • Safe working practices.
  • Rules and regulations covering the airfield.
  • Low visibility procedures.
  • Aerodrome signs and markings.

The classroom instruction session includes powerpoint presentation. 

Airside Driving Permit holders type E and A :

  • Will then complete a short knowledge check question paper. 

Airside Driving Permit holders type M and R : 

  • Will successfully complete a multiple choice exam to confirm that they have understood the training and that they recall the most important rules and regulations if driving airside.
  • Will undertake a radiotelephony assessment.
  • Will undertake a practical driving assessments

Course Durations :

Course durations will depend on the type of permit required but we suggest you allow between 2 and 4 hours.  Refresher courses typically last 1 to 2 hours.

For more information, course availability or to book a course please email or telephone +44 (0)1234 754710.