TAF 18.04.2019

TAF EGTC 181401Z 1815/1818 08008KT CAVOK TEMPO 1815/1818 8000

METAR 18.04.2019

EGTC 181720Z 09008KT CAVOK 19/06 Q1023

Travel times »

Milton Keynes

6 mins N/A 10 mins


20 mins 35 mins from MK 55 mins


10 mins 19 mins from MK 30 mins

Silverstone Circuit

6 mins N/A 27 mins


Avalon Aero

Based at Cranfield Airport, Avalon Aero is an EASA / MAOS approved organisation that have been serving the aviation industry since the turn of the millenium. 

During this period they have built up a second to none reputation in aircraft maintenance, primarily on specialist BAe146 aircraft such as the Atmospheric Research Aircraft and Corporate / VIP operations, as well as corporate jet aircraft of various sizes. 

Specialising in corporate, VIP and special mission aircraft, Avalon Aero also hold approvals for :

  • BAE 146 100/200/300 Series
  • Avro 146 RJ70/RJ85/RJ100 and RJ115
  • Beechcraft Hawker 125 1000
  • BAe Jetstream 31/32
  • Vulcanair P68 Series
  • Cessna / Reims 400 Series
  • King Air 90 and 200 series
  • Robin DR400

Avalonaero146 940X200

Avalon Aero can also carry out Line Maintenance on most General Aviation and Light Corporate Aircraft under the American register.

Click here to visit the Avalon Aero website.


Cranfield Aerospace

Cranfield Aerospace has experience in providing quality Maintenance at an affordable cost under our Part 145 Maintenance, Part M Continuing Airworthiness and A8-23 Approvals we are able to provide all the maintenance services you need to support your private, business or commercial aircraft.

For more information, please visit their website at :


IAE Limited

Based at No.2 Hangar Cranfield Airport, IAE Ltd are an EASA & FAA Part 145 Approved Maintenance Organisation.  Along with EASA Part M Subpart G & I approval.


IAE are a multi-facetted  organisation with both airframe, avionic & electrical workshops, holding service centre approval for Piper, Garmin, Honeywell, Stec, Avidyne & Honeywell.

Their factory trained staff are well versed in :

  • All GA types, up to and including
  • Twin Cessna’s  
  • Caravan 208
  • Beech 90
  • Beech 200
  • Twin Otter.                                                                                              

All maintenance staff are Flightsafety trained on PWC PT6A series engines.

Visit the IAE Limited website by following this link :