Whether you are looking for an assortment of sandwiches for 1 person or meals for larger parties, we can provide a full range of catering options delivered fresh for every flight.

Our 4 star hotel can provide from their "On-board" menu or if you would prefer executive level catering from Bon Soiree our customer services team can arrange this for you. 

Croissant 220X90Sandwich 220X90




Whatever you are looking for we can cater for all requirements from freshly baked bread, danish pastries and croissants to salmon canapes so fresh the salmon tastes as though it's just arrived from the ocean. 

All dietary requirements can be met with a little notice.

Flight delays do not cause any storage / food hygiene issues as we can offer refrigeration facilities. 

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If you get a last minute request for catering this is usually able to be accommodated via our 4* hotel with as little as 30 minutes notice.